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The idea to project electronical devices rose in 1974 thanks to the genius of Mr. Valter Gaudenzi. This is the way we started: equipment for facial treatments and electro-stimulators created for the aesthetical and physiotherapical use.

As it always happens when something is born for passion, there is the wish to evolve and this is what occurred to that which was the Jackson trademark in Pesaro between 1979 and 1982. We decided to manufacture for different marks with innovative design and functions widening the research and developing the projects since arriving to the production of radio knives, magnetotherapies and methods for dentistry, however, without never abandoning the aesthetical field which has always been the main pillar of the company which produces epilators and everything the aesthetical market requires at the moment.

In 1987 EXTRO was founded; in 1996 this trademark became the “son” of Esthetic World. Eventually we started to produce with our own mark: EXTRO. The acquired experiences in satisfying the needs of other companies today allows Valter Gaudenzi to study, project and realise the line of EXTRO equipment which have had immediately a great success abroad and which is now developing in Italy thanks to the creation of a new commercial network.

Our staff has today the same target as before: to satisfy our customers both in Italy and abroad.